Thursday, February 08, 2007

behind the scenes

I just had to add that Ryan was cracking me up last night with his "reenactment" of his little fender bender.

First he had just wanted to grab a couple of Sawyer's cars to show me what happened. But then he got all into it, and before I knew it, he was outside, dressed like this, getting shovel-fulls of snow to "set up the scene of the accident". He was like a little kid playing with the cars (look at that grin on his face), "crashing" them into the snow and each other. And then when I suggested we take pictures to illustrate the story on the blog, that made it even more serious! Too funny.
Yes, the big truck was a true element of the story. A semi had come around that same curve sliding toward them in that kind of you-know what's-going-to-happen-next-slow motion. They all quickly moved themselves out of the way and were prepared to watch all their vehicles get really crunched. Thankfully, it ended up missing all the cars by just a few feet.

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Mom G said...

Gabe may just have a little competition....if you know what I mean.Gotta luv em :)