Saturday, February 17, 2007

snow pictures

Some have been asking for pictures of the kids out in the snow. So I put together an online album to keep all our snow pictures from this year in one spot and not have to put them all on the blog.

I didn't use our normal Shutterfly albums because I've been having trouble uploading to them for some reason. So here's the new album. It's on Snapfish and you have to create an account real quick to view my pictures... it's easy, all you need is your email and make up a password and then you can view the slideshow or individual pictures and also order any prints if you want.

I hope I like Snapfish. It was a lot simpler to use than Shutterfly and I can store pictures on there for an unlimited amount of time. So anyway, I just uploaded the pictures real quick- I don't think I cropped any or even fixed any redeye. If there's a print that you want that needs to be touched up, let me know and I'll go back and fix it up.

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