Thursday, February 15, 2007

my oh-so-not-camera-friendly-kids and an evening of oh-so-not-romantic paperwork

So Ryan's off again, the house is once again trashed (and in the midst of said mess, someone decided to play a game of hide and seek with my cell phone three different times today), Savannah is truly bummed that Valentine's day is over, and I'm still loving the snow.
Does that work for an update for you?

Since trying to become better at taking more pictures of the everyday stuff and the whole lotta nothin that's always going on around here, (okay, since you are a few more everyday stuff pics from yesterday...

Ryan may find this questionable, but Sawyer seems to really like playing dress up and beauty parlor with his sister...)

Anyway, after looking through my millions of everyday shots I'm collecting, I decided it was time for a sit-down-and-let's-look-cute-photo-session. I wanted to try and get some pictures of the kids- both individually and together. It's been way too long (like since Sawyer was about six weeks old) and now I have about zero good pictures of them together without toys, books, wrestling, or food involved. So I decided to just take some time one-on-one and one-on-two to try and get a few simple shots. Simple. Yeah, right.

First I tried the new chair. No one would sit still for even a second. Note to self: don't use rockers for toddler props.
Then I tried the bigger poof rocker in our bedroom (that's where I took a lot of their pictures together when Sawyer was tiny). Nope. They didn't want to share that seat, and trying individually, Sawyer was just climbing it.
So I tried throwing them both on the bed. That was a big mistake, because that got Sawyer so wound up it was ridiculous! He just kept crawling to get me, or thinking it was funny to do head dives off the bed.
I don't know how many hundreds of pictures I snapped. But I do know how many keepers came out of it all. Take a guess.

Four of Savannah and One of Sawyer. Well, I'm pretending One for Sawyer. The only one I like of him is even still blurry. *sigh*
Glad I'm not trying to get better at this or anything...

So here are two outcomes of the really not so great photo session attempt for Valentine's Day 2007.
I sure didn't. LOL!

The rest of Valentine's Day was nice. Ryan got home a little early and took the kids out to play in the snow. Savannah had a blast making little mini sled hills in our yard next to the driveway and patio where the shoveled snow might be up to three feet high now. Sawyer thought it was hilarious to fall down in the snow, or to watch Ryan or Savannah throw themselves down. It was all pretty cute. Savannah was out there for more than an hour... I thought she was going to freeze her little tooshie off, but she didn't want to come in. There's just nothing like kids playing in the snow...

After the kids went to bed Ryan and I spent a nice romantic evening putting together Scholastic book orders for Savannah's whole school. I'm in charge of their book orders and Ryan so kindly helped me out a ton last night. Yeah, are we romantic or what?!? We actually almost had real plans to really go out. Ryan had a babysitter and everything. And then it sort of just fizzled out. Woulda been nice, but it was a good evening at home too.
We caught up on this week's 24 (*** please tell me, could they have picked a boy to play Josh who looks any more like Kim than he does??? Is that not obvious to anyone else?***), and then watched one of the most boring episodes (although definitely weird) of LOST I've seen in awhile. Oh well.

Anyone else out there have exciting, romantic Valentine evenings?


Mom said...

Cute Kids!So you did book orders huh.WE watched back episodes of The Office on DVD.Now THAT is romantic.:)

Debbie Sanders said...

The photos ARE cute of the kids on the bed! They are hard to catch at the right moments, but you did a good for a "romantic" Valentine's Day evening, ours would not be a top pick. Andy went to AWANA and I studied while he he was gone, then we went to bed early. (Although we did have a nice dinner together and exchanged gifts.) We miss you guys and the snow! Have a great weekend and hopefully I will talk w/ Savannah tomorrow. I am putting in 11-12 hr study days now, but am always ready for a break unless I am taking a timed practice exam...enjoy the snow!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie

Heidi said...

I completely agree about Josh! Gabe thought I was crazy when I said it's really Jack's kid...I'm glad you agree with me.
I have to disagree about LOST. I think it was one of the best episodes. Not action packed but very interesting. I felt like there were lots of hidden clues in that episode that I need to discover.