Monday, February 19, 2007

the day started out productive...

I had a long mental to-do list today.
And I was on a great roll this morning.
I managed to
  • do a whole load of dishes
  • fold all of our laundry except for one small basket
  • put all the kids clothes away, reorganizing the kid's closets and going through to weed out too smalls and such
  • shower and dry my hair (which is a feat in and of itself while the Sawman is awake to have free reign of the house)
  • clean both the kid's bedrooms and the playroom
And that was all before 10:30.

Then Nicole brought Porter over to hang out, bringing a few loads of laundry of her own because their washer broke down last week. So of course I spent the rest of the day basically sitting on my butt, lazily chatting the day away, getting not one other single thing done. Not even the dinner I had planned for this evening. I ended up throwing corn dogs and french fries in the oven as Nicole left at almost 5:30 this evening... about 5 minutes before Ryan got home from work! Welcome home honey, I slaved over a hot stove all day just for you!

Not that I mind just sitting around on my butt: and at least I had a good friend over to give me the excuse to do so. I'm just saying it was a good thing I was as motivated as I was this morning, so I had at least something to show for my day!

Oooh, okay, I gotta go. I was multi-tasking; trying to blog while I watched 24. However due to an unforseen change of events, the show now requires my full attention. As old as this show gets in theory, I just can't help but love it every week! Good stuff.
(and I'm still convinced Josh could pass for Kim's twin!)

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Nicole said...

A couple loads??? A COUPLE LOADS? HAHAH! Like SIX! hee hee. Thanks for sharing your washer and dryer!! And for sabotaging my diet LOL. McD's... YUM!