Sunday, February 25, 2007


... how sometimes when you think you've got a good perspective on things for the moment, life likes to test you.
After reflecting yesterday morning on keeping my gratitude more in the forefront of my heart... I think God decided to really call me on that. From there on out, I feel like I had the type of day where you keep thinking what in the world could happen next? Our washing machine wouldn't work, I was trying to make caramel corn and I couldn't pop a good batch of popcorn to save my life, my computer and printer were not wanting to cooperate with me, the kids were crabby, Ryan was still sick (and whiney) -just a little jab for you hun- and so on and so on. I really had to check myself a number of times and stop and find the good parts in all the frustrations.
Good practice, that's for sure!

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Nicole said...

I now see why you were in on the tipsyness HAHA! Frustrating day? Have a drink... or two... or 10. HAHA!