Thursday, February 22, 2007

kind of a blah day...

I really do love the winter weather in the midwest. It just makes winter so much more bearable for me to have snow on the ground. Without it, it's just four long months of blah; just cold and bare and dreary and I feel like I'm just spending the whole winter waiting for spring.
Something about snow falling is so peaceful; it quiets everything. I feel the snow brightens things up, blankets everything and makes it feel like an actual season instead of just four longs months of waiting for spring. The kids can play in it, sled and build in it.
What do you do when it's just cold and rainy? Stay inside and wish it were spring.

Our snow is starting to melt some this week with our warmer temperatures. I look out the window and I'm seeing the dullness of the bare trees instead of white snowcovered branches. I see the muddy not-so-green grass peeking out at the edges of the yards and under trees. Rooftops are bare and the gutters are releasing the last of their ice and snow. The snow at the sides of the roads is slushy and dirty. Today is just mild and windy and melty and slushy and dreary. Days like this are what make me wish it was spring already.

I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
I felt like I had zero patience with my kids right from the start this morning.
And it wasn't even like they were being hard... I just wasn't feeling very friendly. And blah...

Ryan's not feeling so hot either. He woke me up this morning to ask me if he had a fever. I don't think he does... and he went in to work today, but he was pretty miserable all night; stuffy and coughy.
He doesn't get sick often, but boy when he does he's a whiner. Why is it that men are such babies when they get sick?


Okay, let's cheer this post up a little bit.

Yesterday was Porter's birthday. He's a big one year old now! Savannah was very excited that he and Sawyer "are the same age now"!
He wasn't a very happy birthday boy at our house all morning (he's in that tough spot between 1 and 2 naps a day), but after a good nap he was in a better mood for the rest of his big day and then Ryan, the kids and I joined the Barczaks out for dinner last night to celebrate.

Savannah had a field trip today with her class to Red Lobster. Yes, the restaurant. I wondered what on earth we would do at Red Lobster for two hours, but it was fun. The kids learned a lot about lobsters and other ocean dwelling creatures, they got to touch and even hold a lobster and then we all got to sit down and enjoy a little snack of yummy popcorn shrimp and, Savannah's favorite, Sprite. It was also Miss Kristy's birthday today and the other teachers surprised her with a little cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. Savannah was super excited about that too; that was probably the highlight of the field trip for her! She's a little birthday freak... I guess give that kid any reason to celebrate and she takes it all the way! Christmas, Valentine's, birthdays, doesn't matter how big or small, it's something to celebrate!
Anyway, the whole trip made me hungry (especially with the teaser of the appetizer), and I really want dinner at Red Lobster tonight. Too bad we already went out last night...

Let's see what else....
Oh, we have our next game night coming up this weekend. We haven't really had one since November, so it's about time! We're doing a little Hollywood/Movies theme since we have the
Academy Awards coming up on Sunday. We'll probably play a little Scene It, along with some other movie/celebrity trivia games and of course gossip and snack on plenty of candy and popcorn throughout the night. I'm looking forward to it. It'll be fun to hang out with everyone again!

Okay, I feel like I'm just rambling aimlessly, so I'll wrap this up now.
I haven't picked up my camera yet today, so I'm off to hunt for something or someone for today's photo.
And hey-- Yay, the weekend's almost here!

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Mom said...

What a fun and different field trip.Yummmm,Red Lobster. Can't remember when we went there last.