Sunday, February 18, 2007

a sunny Sunday in the snow

It's so fun to see Savannah loving the snow so much. It's hard to believe, watching her crawl, roll and run around in all the white stuff out there today, that this is the same girl who spent her first year of life hating to touch grass. And who spent the second year of her life hating dirt or sand, and still didn't love feeling the grass beneath her toes.

The first few times out in the snow here, she was quite hesitant and at times a little freaked out by this cold, wet, white stuff. Like, that stuff's supposed to be fun?!?

But now it's as if she's lived in it her whole life. Everytime I looked outside this afternoon, she was out there crawling around, digging, laughing, falling, and having a ball with her Dad. I love it!

Sawyer didn't get a chance to get out and play todaybecause he took a nice long nap this afternoon, but we took our big "all terrain wagon" out for a walk later around the block. It's been awhile since we've been walking, and it was nice.

I added more pictures today to the snow day album if you care to check them out.

And also, I can't beleive I forgot since I think Ryan was even on the phone with her when I posted yesterday, but Happy Birthday to Jenn yesterday!! Hope you enjoyed your day and your special dinner out!

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Gramma G said...

Fun,fun,fun.Looks like a heat wave headed your way though.Highs above freezing all week.HA HA Thanks for the snapfish album.