Sunday, February 11, 2007

let's take a break from all the rambling with some pictures

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Sawyer had his 15 month check-up last Friday.
Turns out he had a lot of fluid in his ears and they looked a bit red. The Dr. said he probably either had had an ear infection or was about to develop one, so she sent us out to get him antibiotics. Poor kid... wish I would have known his ears were bothering him. I had a feeling it was more than his teeth keeping him from sleeping, but he never gave me any real reason to do anything about it. His grumpy days are still pretty darn good.

She only gave him two of the four shots he was due, because of his ears. Here he's playing with his band-aids before his bath. First he just wanted them off, but then he decided they needed repositioning.

He didn't really put on any weight or any height. I wasn't really surprised about the weight... he's cut back so drastically on his eating starting with cutting all those molars at once right after his birthday. And then just when his appetite was picking up again last month, that's when he got sick. If he had his way, he would live on just crackers and fruit at this point. He refuses to eat pretty much everything else. Even all his old fail safe favorites are a no-go.

Here's a rare shot of a happy eater these days...

I just love those blue eyes!

Sawyer has a new favorite word. Woo-Hoo!
Yes, that's the word, not just my excitement over his astounding vocabulary. Well, maybe it's not even a real word, I guess it's more of a sound really. But it's pretty cute.
I was giving him his bath and he was playing Bathketball in the tub and I had the camera out and was trying to snap some pictures of him. Everytime he would put the ball through the hoop, I would cheer or make some silly noise to get him to smile big for me.

He started copying me and it turned into a full-on Woo-Hoo! fest.

Then that's all he would do the whole rest of the bath. I soon realized that in all the pictures I was snapping after that, his lips were pursed making the little "oh" mouth saying "Woo-hoo!". I couldn't get him to smile anymore because he was just on constant repeat: "woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo".
Funny kid!


*Sorry about the difference in color in some of these shots. You'll have to excuse my playing with the flash and lighting in the bathroom.

**Don't think just because here are a dozen pictures of Sawyer, I favor this child over my other... the other child will just simply not sit for pictures anymore. And when she does, which is rare, she just makes silly scary faces and after about 3 minutes she says, okay mom that's enough pictures... put the camera away!
How I wish she would just "sit pretty" for once!


Mom,GrammaG said...

WOO-HOO for pitcures of silly little boys!Maybe Savannah will sit for a "Valentine" picture before she heads to school tomorrow OR when she returns with all her valentine surprises.Enjoy your Monday!Ryan returns tonite.:)XOXOX

Debbie Sanders said...

Cute, cute, cute! Always love seeing photos of the kids, either one of them! We are praying for the job situation along with our community life growth group -- praying for you guys and the decision you will eventually have to make re the right job God has for Ryan. Check your email later today; I will be sending you the recipes I promised you! It was great seeing you, Ryan...thanks for staying with us; we really enjoyed it and it happened at the perfect time when I needed a study break. Heather, give the kids a big hug and kiss from us. Have a great day and tonight Ryan will be home, for a few days! Let us know if the kids enjoy their Valentine gifts... We miss you all!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie