Friday, July 06, 2007

so very nice to meet you

Yuri Marie MalonePresenting the Malones and their brand new baby girl...

Doesn't Savannah look so OLD holding Yuri in this picture?!!!

Sawyer was in love... I'm serious, he was all over her! We had to stand up to hold her just so Sawyer couldn't reach her and wouldn't maul her. He was really taken with that tiny little bundle!

Congrats you guys!! Enjoy your precious little girl. We are so excited to get to know her!


Gramma & Grampa G said...

Sawyer does seem to love the baby (Yuri). Maybe he needs a baby sister or a puppy to love at his new house! ?? XXOO

The Malones said...

Your son has no chance with my daughter. I already let her know.