Tuesday, July 03, 2007

one week

Apparently I'm only able to blog every other day now. I don't know why... we didn't even do that much yesterday that I was terribly busy.

Or today. Well, we finally got Savannah's room painted tonight, but other than that pretty much nothing else house-wise accomplished today.
I did go shopping this morning.
I needed to go to Walmart and Ryan suggested I go to Old Navy (that just sounds so unnatural) since I've been Old Navy deprived for the past year. We now live 1.6 miles from one!!
Anyway, I went out this morning... here was the conversation before I left:
Me: okay, I'm on my way out, call me if you think of anything else we need.
Ryan: which one of the kids are you taking? both?
Me: (long pause and confused look)
Ryan: Neither?
Me: I'd like neither.... but if you really want me to take one...
Ryan: It'd be a lot easier if you took one.
Me: It'd be a lot easier if you took one to work with you every day too.

I left alone :)
Yeah, so what happens when Ryan lets me (so graciously) shop by myself? Well, let's see...
I had planned on going to Walmart (not really shopping, just to pick up one thing) and to Old Navy. I left the house at about 9am. I got home at 1 o'clock and had been to Kohl's, Target, Walmart, LinensNThings and Old Navy. I'm sorry, but Old Navy just wasn't going to cut it. I'm way more interested in buying house stuff right now than clothes for me. But the opportunities to shop on my own without bickering kids to entertain through the store are so rare, of course I had to try a few things on... or maybe a few more than a few. I got a pair of white pants, a skort, and a few shirts. Not too bad. I also got these and these and this. Not bad at all for four hours in the stores. I could have done a lot more damage. I did manage to fill my head with a list a mile long of house things I want. Someday.

After the kids woke up from nap, we went over to the pool. Yes, we finally made it over there. The kids and Ryan have been twice, and this was my first time actually getting in. It was the perfect day for it. Nice and hot and just tolerable if you were nice and wet. Sawyer had a blast in the wading pool... he walked around like he owned the place. And then Savannah taught him how to jump in and he must have jumped at least 827 times. His feet barely hit the ground when he was scrambling to get out and jump in again! And of course he had to wear Daddy's goggles!!
Here are just three of his 827 jumps.

And when Sawyer got bored of the pool, he spent the rest of the time right here...

Seriously, he hung out here for like 20 minutes watching people come and get snacks, apparently trying to figure out this machine!

And here are just a couple cute shots I should share from last week... Ryan and I were putting together Sawyer's bed and of course as soon as Sawyer sees tools, he has to join in. And SJ cannot be left out. So here they are "helping" finish the beds.

I'm sure I'll have more pics tomorrow... we're having some friends over for lunch and then hitting the pool as long as the weather holds out... it's supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow. Of course. Not sure what we're doing for "The Forth" yet, but we have plenty to choose from... lots going on in our community. Again, if it's not storming!
Happy Forth of July everyone!!


Mom/Gramma G said...

Way too cute!The big grins while jumping,Sawyer and the snack machine...and of course he had to think he was helping to build the bed.Great pictures,THANKS!!!

linaatoz@comcast.net said...


I LOVE your conversation piece as you are walking out the door! Priceless!

K.M. Laughlin said...

so cute!!! We hope you have a great 4th!!! I am coming back into town next Fri. (13th)...maybe I can stop by and say hello before my doctor's appt....Can't wait for Sat. the 21st and Fri. the 27th.... :)

nic said...

AHh hahahah! Your shopping conversation cracks me up!

leslie said...

Happy 4th! Sounds like you had a fun shopping experience, Heather. Post more house pictures soon. We would love to see them.

Annie said...

I love that conersation between you and Ryan. Very funny! The pool looks perfect for the kids. I hope you post a couple pics of how the new pillows look in the living room (or bedroom? Or whereever you put them). :)

Gabe & Heidi's P.A.D. said...

The picture of Sawyer staring at the vending machine is too cute. It's a good thing he didn't try to get in there and get stuck...like the snack cupboard.
What a silly guy!